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The Best Tours of All Time: Alive 2006/2007 (Daft Punk)

"Dance music is not cool. It has the worst fonts, the worst artwork – let’s not forget what a rave flier looks like. And then here come Daft Punk with these crazy videos, beautiful album art. They have a flash and an elegance that other dance acts envied."

- A-Trak, Rolling Stone 2013 (x)

Electronic duo Daft Punk were no strangers to bringing a sense of theatricality to the music world but they upped the ante when they designed their Alive 2006/2007 World Tour. Their first tour since 1997, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo incorporated video and light effects along with their now-iconic pyramid to highlight a setlist that covered their entire discography.

They debuted the pyramid at Coachella on April 29th, 2006. Their tour took them to 20 countries over the course of two years, concluding in Sydney, Australia on December 22nd, 2007. They released a live album, Alive 2007, in November of the same year. The album is a recording of their June 14th performance in their hometown, Paris, France.

The tour has served as a muse to many artists including Skrillex and Jay Z and has changed the landscape of electronic music performances ever since, many would say for the best.


THE MERCH TABLE grand opening giveaway

The Merch Table is a brand new online store focusing on unique and handcrafted band merch. In honor of the upcoming opening of our store on Etsy, we decided to have a giveaway here on tumblr.

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Second prize:

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The giveaway will end on Sunday, October 12th at 12pm PST.

The Merch Store will be open for business on Friday, September 19th and both shirts will be available for purchase. Follow The Merch Table for design reveals throughout the week!

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David Stephenson - Domes (1993-2005)

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