a business of dorks - a nightmate dork university fanmix

01 pumped up kicks - foster the people

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks // you better run, better run

02 this house is a circus - arctic monkeys

this house is a circus, berserk as fuck // we tend to see that as a perk though

03 young folks - peter, bjorn and john

it doesn’t matter what we do, what we are going to // we can stick around and see this night through

04 campus - vampire weekend

then i see you, you’re walking ‘cross the campus // cruel professor studying romances

05 bewitched, bothered and bewildered - samuel barnett

he is cold, i agree // he can laugh, but i love it

06 the youth - mgmt

this is a call of arms to live and love and sleep together // we could flood the streets with love or light, whatever

07 pork and beans - weezer

i’mma do the things that i want to do // i ain’t got a thing to prove to you

+ bonus song

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